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What’s all the “Buzz” about?

The Little Big Mouth program connects YPG members with publishers who want to create early buzz for their books among a coveted demographic.  Members receive galleys or finished books, and in return, readers recommend it to others and help spread the word about a great new book. Check out synopses of our latest LBM mailings here!

What’s in it for me?

  • Free galleys and books from various houses that match your reading preferences
  • LBM readers choose their first and second choice categories and receive books specifically targeted for them
  • Invitations to book events that correspond with LBM mailings

Which lists can I choose from?

Literary Fiction, General Fiction, Non-Fiction, Business, Current Affairs/Politics, Mystery/Thriller, Religion/Spirituality, Travel, Women’s Literature, and YA/Children’s, Puzzles/Games, Cookbooks, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Sports, Humor, and Netgalley.

Who can join?

Members on the LBM lists must be members of  The Young to Publishing Group (YPG)–an initiative of the Association of American Publishers’ (AAP) Diversity/Recruit and Retain Committee, which means that you must be a full-time employee at an AAP member publishing house in your first seven years of industry participation.

Please Note: YPG members who sign up should be aware that their contact information and preferences will be shared with publishers who are interested in marketing or publishing a title in the member’s area of interest.

What are the benefits of using the YPG’s Little Big Mouth List to market/publicize a title?

  • Access to a mailing list of well over 1,500 young professionals
  • The opportunity to influence a title’s success by starting an industry-wide “buzz”
  • Since LBM readers are organized by their tastes, you are targeting the exact people to whom you want to market when you choose a list
  • LBM Mailings are featured on the YPG website and social media channels, creating additional impressions for your title that far exceed what a normal mailing can deliver

How do I use the list to market/publicize my books?

Send an email to Annie Hall at and indicate which list(s) you would like. Our database manager will compile the requested information and email you an excel document within two weeks.

What do you need from me?

For every mailing, please provide a .jpg of the cover image, a paragraph of promotional copy, contact information for the person internally to be listed as “Email xxx with your thoughts and comments,” the imprint to thank, and any social media language you would like us to include, and we will push it out via our additional channels.

Please Note: The lists are updated each month as YPG members join and leave various houses, so please come back to us for updated lists every single time you have a new mailing. Do not ever reuse old lists.

What if I don’t have enough books for everyone on the list?

Send them to as many people as you can! Since the lists will probably arrive alphabetically, please try not to send all of your books to the first portion of the list; otherwise, they’ll get everything, and the W-Z people will get zilch! Mix it up a little.

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