YPG Contest: Make Your Own Children’s Book Movie Trailer!

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Do you love movie trailers? Do you especially love movie trailers for book-to-film adaptations? Well, now’s your chance to make one yourself! Announcing YPG’s FIRST EVER contest, with this month’s theme: CHILDREN’S BOOK TRAILER!

Do you have a picture book from childhood that you made your parents read and reread every night? Was there a favorite middle grade or YA novel that turned you on to reading and led you to enter publishing? We challenge you to take that book and turn it into the movie trailer you’ve always imagined! Live-action, animation, stop motion with Legos—whatever! Be creative and have fun with it. While we encourage you to choose books that have not already been adapted for film, if you think you can do it better, then have at it! Feel free to pair up with some fellow YPGers on this.

Criteria: Judging is based on effort and creativity. Feel free to be campy, playful, and take as many liberties with your adaptation as you’d like. I’m sure we don’t need to say it, but please: no swearing, nudity, or violence—these are children’s books, so make the video family friendly!

Submitting: All submissions should be 1-3 minutes long and sent to andrew.gibeley@harpercollins.com NO LATER THAN September 30! A YouTube link is ideal, but any other standard video file sharable on Dropbox (.mp4, .mov, etc.) is fine. Please state the title and author and/or illustrator of the work you are adapting. Judging will take place in early October, overseen by the YPG Planning Committee and representatives from Publishers Weekly.

Prize: Winners will be announced by PW with their videos featured in an issue of PW’s Children’s Bookshelf newsletter, as well as on YPG’s social media accounts.

NOTE: To avoid partiality, please don’t submit a trailer for a book published by your own house.

For any questions or concerns, please email Andrew Gibeley at andrew.gibeley@harpercollins.com. Trailer on! #YPGContest

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