Representation Matters Mentorship Program

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According to Lee and Low’s 2015 Diversity Baseline Survey, only 21% of publishing staff describe themselves as African-American, Native American/Alaskan Native, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, Middle Eastern, or Multiracial. An industry that contributes to the cultural conversation, and often creates it, should reflect the culture.  An industry that is in service to artists and cultural consumers should strive to offer opportunities for all.  It’s not just about being fair; it’s about keeping the publishing industry relevant, viable, and the source of the best possible books.

Representation Matters is a new industry-wide mentorship program that works to connect self-identified people of color who are interested in publishing and literature with publishing professionals who can help their mentees learn about, and get a foothold in, the industry.

In this program, two-person teams of editors (one senior and one junior) will volunteer to be mentors to self-identified people of color who are considering a career in publishing. The program is currently focused on editorial only, but may expand to other areas of publishing in the future.

If you know somebody who would benefit from this mentorship, please direct them to the site below. If you are interested in becoming a junior mentor, send an email to with “Junior Mentor” in the subject line, and share your area of expertise and why you are interested in mentoring.

For more details about the program, including eligibility and application guidelines, visit

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