Summer Fun in the Sun!

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LePainPicnicCentralParkAugust2011It’s finally summer, and we all know what that means: nice weather AND short Fridays! So let’s take advantage of both and meet on Friday, July 15th at Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park for some good ole’ fun in the sun. We’ll organize some activities to take full advantage of the weather (think: Frisbee, three-legged races, and maybe even duck-duck-goose!), but feel free to bring any park games you might want to play, as well as blankets to sit on and snacks to share. Basically bring anything—especially yourselves! And if you’re not much of a game player, come anyway! After all, all this really is is an excuse for us to gather in a park, enjoy warm weather, meet new people, and talk about books and how insane/emotionally traumatizing this season of Game of Thrones is.
RSVP here to attend!

Note: If the weather happens to be bad that day, we’ll either reschedule or meet at a nearby bar for an early happy hour.

Another Note: Once a date, time, and location has been set, we’ll blast that out with whatever signage we’ll be using so you can find the group easily at the park. Anyone who RSVPs will also get the event organizer’s cell in in case they have trouble tracking down the group.

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