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The busy crowd at YPG's spring editor/agent mixer

The busy crowd at YPG’s spring editor/agent mixer

Attention all YPG editors! If you’ve attended one of our semiannual agent/editor mixers, this post may sound familiar to you. Here’s Jessica Sinsheimer, Associate Agent at the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency, to introduce her latest project: Manuscript Wish List.

I’ve been attending YPG mixers for years—they were my introduction into the world of publishing networking, and brought me from scared agency assistant to “Oh hey, I just met an editor who wants to buy this book! Maybe I CAN do this!” It’s a wonderful way to meet the people who are also starting out, and the most eager to learn about your interests. I used to come home with a purse full of business cards with my notes scribbled on the back—this was before the Notes app—then come home and try to decipher them into thoughtful follow-up emails.

Whatever your note-taking technique, it’s often hard to remember who wants what kind of project.  Enter You can upload your profile and edit at your leisure, and it’ll automatically link to your #MSWL tweets. Instead of spending precious time with that new agent or editor scribbling down their wishes, simply say “Find me on Manuscript Wish List” and move on to more important things. Like your shared obsession with ghosts, Broad City, and the new music venue she HAS to try.

Every account comes with its own username, password, and plenty of customizable fields—space for your preferred genres, books you wish you worked on, favorite television and movies, and the project you wish existed. You’ll have complete control over your listing, and can edit at any time. Editors can password-protect their posts, thus keeping away unagented submissions. And we’re standing by to help you with screenshots, instructions, and remote assistance if you get stuck.

#MSWL started because people kept asking me, “Wait, you want that? But you haven’t sold any yet!” This way, you don’t have to sell something, or buy something, for people to know you want it. We hope you’ll give us a try—go to, fill out the form, and we’ll get you started.

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