YPG HR Series: Writing Your Cover Letter

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In comparison to your resume, how important is a cover letter really? Can it be a brief paragraph or does it have to extend to two pages? Do you need to find out the hiring manager’s name or is a standard greeting acceptable? We understand that cover letters can be challenging to write, so we want to help! If you have ever wanted the opportunity to speak with HR representatives on all the details that go into crafting the perfect cover letter, this is the event for you! Please come prepared with plenty of questions, or submit them online through the form below – we are looking forward to answering them all!

The presentation, Q&A, and discussion will take place on Wednesday, March 30th from 6:30 PM to 8:00pm in the Hachette Book Group (1290 Avenue of the Americas).

Please RSVP HERE and submit any questions you would like answered. #ypgCoverLetter

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