No Country for Old Memes: Navigating the World of Literary Twitter (#YPGDIGITAL)

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Since its launch 10 years ago, Twitter has grown to host more than 300 million active users. Among these users are hundreds of thousands of authors, editors, agents, and readers. The publishing world is such a strong contingent on Twitter that hashtag games like #SnackBooks or #InternetABook often rise to become internationally trending tags. Any reader now has the ability to sign up for a Twitter account and tweet directly to Neil Gaiman, John Green, or Margaret Atwood. How does this kind of openness impact an industry with a long history of being exclusive and opaque? How does Twitter compare to Tumblr, which also hosts a strong literary community? How can Twitter help (or hurt) your publishing career?

Panelists will include Rachel Fershleiser, Literary Community Organizer for Tumblr and @RachelFersh on Twitter; Emily Hughes, voice of the Penguin Random House Twitter; Kathryn Ratcliffe-Lee, voice of the Harper Perennial Twitter; and Liam O’Brien, one of the voices of the Melville House Twitter. (Note that all of these panelists are incredibly involved in the publishing world and do MUCH more than just what’s listed here, but spelling it out even briefly would take more space than we have.)

This event will take place Tuesday, March 22nd at 6:30 PM at Niagara Bar (112 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009). RSVP  here!

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