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Valentine’s Day is coming, and everyone is looking for a date…with a new book, that is. So join YPG Diversity at McGee’s Pub NYC (240 W 55th Street) on February 18th at 6:00pm to take part in the annual tradition.

How does it work? You have many books that you love. Pick one that’s a diverse love story (and diverse can mean many different things: books set in different places and cultures, with characters who are ethnically diverse, or are LGBT, or have mental illness, or a physical disability, etc…) and bring it along with you. Just make sure you wrap it, so that nobody knows what it is. (That’s the “blind date” part.) Write a few words that describe the book on the outside, and you’re all set!

For example: The Golem and the Jinni might be described as HISTORICAL FANTASY; 19TH CENTURY NYC; SUPERNATURAL CREATURES

So instead of relying on friends to hook you up with a new book this February, let YPG be your matchmaker. We’ll even provide some sweet treats for those who show.


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