YPG Writers: From Pre-Writing to Rewriting

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writing-jjpacres-flSometimes the hardest part of writing is getting started. And then, the hardest part of finishing something you’ve written, is realizing that it’s not really done. In the spirit of keeping your spirits lifted during the difficult before and after stages of writing, and as we approach National Novel Writing Month,  I thought we should bring in the professionals. So join us at Macmillan (The Flatiron Building, 175 5th Ave, 17th Floor Conference Room) on Thursday, October 22nd from 6:00-7:30pm, to talk about prewriting and rewriting.

Have questions about outlining? Don’t know if you should use the Three-Act structure to organize your story or the Snowflake Method? Can’t figure out what’s wrong with the otherwise glorious poem you’ve just finished? Or don’t understand how in the world you missed a gaping plot hole in your latest novel? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, this event is for you.


  • Hayley Wagreich, Associate Editor, Alloy Entertainment
  • Melissa Miller, Senior Editor, Katherine Tegen Books
  • Maggie Lehrman, author of The Cost of All Things and Senior Editor at Abrams Books

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