YPG November BBL: Thinking Outside of the Book: Unconventional Author Events and Why They Work

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Author Events

We’ve all been there before. Cozy bookstore; bespectacled author; the pat, 15-20 minute talk, 2-3 questions and a signing. One hour and done. But what if there could be more to an “author event” than the ever-typical bookstore reading?

Join us on Wednesday, November 11th as we explore the world of unconventional author/book events and why they are becoming more prevalent (and successful) in the ever-changing book landscape. We’ll be discussing the generation of ideas for these events, kinks and tips on how to sell them to an author, and the general gist of why they work and why, sometimes, they don’t. We’ve got an outstanding panel in the works including Kate Childs (PRH Open House), Ashley Woodfolk (Macmillan Children’s, Marketing), Peter Marchese (Playback Producers), Liz von Klemperer (Powerhouse Books), and Janet Matthews (Brooklyn Book Festival Coordinator).

This BBL will be at Penguin (375 Hudson Street) from 12:15-1:15pm on November 11th. Click HERE to RSVP and submit any questions you may have for our fantastic panelists! #ypgbbl

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