Story Love #17: Paging Dr. Bananas!

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YPG 004On Tuesday, August 4, 2015, a school of YPG Cares volunteers from AAP member houses, along with two Story Pirates, swam to Midtown Manhattan’s Drama Book Shop to say “Aarr!”—and give tons of Story Love to kids’ awesome stories!

While noshing on a main course of pizza and garlic knots, followed by dessert—consisting of cookies and munchkin doughnuts—the Story Love crew dished out positive feedback on kids’ writing. At the same time, they were enthralled by the endless imagination youngsters displayed! From rat dragons to volcanoes filled with chewing gum, whale-men and vampire pirates to water that somehow magically morphs into rock candy, these enthralling tales kept our readers laughing and exclaiming in delight.

Perhaps some of the most amusing moments resulted from the simple inventiveness in their clever one-liners. When one YPG-er came across a story that just began, “It’s time to punch,” the whole crowd knew it was in for a truly wild and fun ride.

Over the course of the evening, YPG volunteers recorded the funniest one-liners. After reading them aloud and enjoying a chuckle—or three—they handed these sheets to the Story Pirates, who picked the most entertaining quote and e-mailed the winning YPG volunteer who wrote it down. That individual got the ultimate prize— two tickets to a future Story Pirates show (or its adult-only After Dark equivalent).

Want to get involved with Story Pirates? Keep your spyglass trained on the monthly YPG newsletter, which will announce all upcoming Story Love events!

Story Pirates is a nationally respected education and media organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of young people. They support regional schools in NY, NJ, CT, and the greater Los Angeles basin. By popular demand, Story Pirates has travelled to Florida, Washington D.C., and Chicago to perform shows that feature theatrical skits based on kids’ stories. They also are featured on a daily kids’ radio show in Canada that is broadcast by satellite radio. Learn more at



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