Words of the Week: From Distributor to Wholesaler

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words_surrealmuse_flickrFrom the YPG Bay Area team, a periodic list of words for those young (and old) to publishing to know.

Distributor: Company, group or individual who sells products or services to retailers instead of to consumers.

Imprint: The identifying name of a specific line of books available from the publisher. Publishers may have many imprints.

POD (Print-on-Demand): Publishing arrangement in which books are printed only as orders are placed.

Remainder: Books that are returned to the publisher after not having sold, often offered for later sale at a discounted price.

Special Sales: Non-traditional sales in outlets that do not specialize in book retail (anything from gift stores to pet shops to organizations, etc.).

Subsidiary Rights: Rights acquired by a publisher for resale, translation into foreign languages and other reuse of a book’s content.

Wholesaler: A company that buys books in large quantities from publishers at high discounts, and sells them to bookstores and libraries at a mid-level discount.

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