Story Love #16: The Prettiest Bandit in the Animal Olympics

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Story Pirates 12

On Wednesday, April 29, 2015, a fleet of a dozen YPG Cares volunteers from several AAP member houses, captained by two Story Pirates, gathered at Midtown Manhattan’s Drama Book Shop to give lots of love to grade schoolers’ stories. This was the latest edition of Story Love, in which YPG-ers provide encouragement and positive feedback to young students’ often hilarious—and always entertaining—pieces of writing.

Over fresh slices of pizza and garlic knots, topped off with Milano cookies and coconut cake (never say YPG doesn’t know the value of a balanced meal!) and seltzer, we explored the fascinating yarns spun by inventive kids.  In one story about the painter Monet, a female bandit named Joy took center stage. It soon became clear that the writer had a crush on his subject, as he described her soft skin, freckles, and gentle hands in glowing terms. Ah, first love!

Another work of art came in the form of a tale about Mona Lisa. What would happen if she popped out of her painting? One author took on that challenge, describing how the famous model ended up exploring the museum and meeting a new friend named Steve in the process. We bet that turned Mona Lisa’s half-smile into a full-blown grin!

Perhaps the most engaging story of the night came from one endlessly inventive youngster. He described the adventures of a ram named Pablo, our hero’s best friend. He might’ve been the fastest critter in the Animal Olympics, but he also proved to be an excellent partner in crime.

Our YPG volunteers jotted down the best one-liners from the night (some of which might just pop up on Story Pirates’ official Twitter page, @storypirates). Whoever had the quote judged most entertaining of the evening received two tickets to a future Story Pirates show (or its adult-only After Dark equivalent).

Want to get involved with Story Pirates? Be on the lookout for news in the monthly YPG newsletter about our next Story Love event, coming to you this fall!

Story Pirates is a nationally respected education and media organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of young people. They support regional schools in NY, NJ, CT, and the greater Los Angeles basin. By popular demand, Story Pirates has travelled to Florida, Washington D.C., and Chicago to perform shows that feature theatrical skits based on kids’ stories. They also are featured on a daily kids’ radio show in Canada that is broadcast by satellite radio. Learn more at

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