Words of the Week: From Co-op to Webinars

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words_surrealmuse_flickrFrom the YPG Bay Area team, a periodic list of words for those young (and old) to publishing to know.

Co-op Advertising: Advertising whose cost is shared between or among different companies. Such advertising is especially advantageous to smaller companies with limited budgets. Such ads are also called cooperative advertising. In some co-op advertising, a publisher or manufacturer offers incentives or discounts to retailers who promote particular books or products.

Endorsement (Blurb): Promotional statement by someone recommending a book, often found on the dust jacket or near the front of the book.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN): Unique 13-digit number (10 or 13 digits prior to 2007) that identifies a version of a book.

News Wire Distribution: Circulation of a service that an organization of journalists provides for the sharing of news reports among different media outlets.

Off-the-Book-Page Attention: Mention made of a book in the media outside the context of a book review, for instance, a celebrity plugging a book on a talk show.

Target Audience: Specific group of people whom a book, series or genre targets. Book marketing tends to be concentrated on the target audience.
Copyfitting: Determining how much text will fit in a given number of pages, or how many pages will be required for a given amount of copy.

Virtual Book Tour (VBT): Advertisement strategy centered on publicizing a book on the Internet, including ads on Web sites that the target audience frequents and book giveaways.

Webinar: Seminar broadcast on the Web. Like normal seminars, webinars are interactive.

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