Story Love #15: Clear Pens, Full Bellies, Can’t Lose

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Story Love 14

Story Love 14









On Wednesday, February 4, 2015, nine YPG-ers, along with one intrepid Story Pirates leader, braved the wintry elements to gather at the famed Drama Bookshop in midtown New York City. The occasion? Story Love #15! Our volunteers dove headfirst into dozens of stories written by grade schoolers from around the country. These kids excitedly sent their stories off to receive some serious Story Love from the Story Pirates, and the YPG volunteers had the best time reading the always-fun, often-hilarious scenarios that emerge in the students’ stories. And, of course, they provided kind, encouraging comments to help ensure that our next generation keeps on writing!

While chowing down on two large pizzas and homemade mini-cupcakes, washed down by a liter (or three) of soda, our volunteers reveled in reading the fabulous creations fresh from kids’ brilliant, quirky minds. Whether it was a tale of wild, under-the-sea adventures or the saga of finding a container of blackberries (child author tip: don’t bother asking every wild animal in sight, just head to your nearest supermarket), these students never failed to surprise, intrigue, and boggle our minds.

Our YPG pirates-for-a-night also captured the best one-liners (some of which will appear on the Story Pirates’ official Twitter page, @storypirates) and submitted them to our Story Pirate leader. Whoever jotted down the quote that made the Pirates laugh the most received a pair of free tickets to the group’s monthly After Dark show (adults-only!).

Want to get involved with Story Pirates? Be on the lookout for news in the monthly YPG newsletter about our next Story Love event, coming to you in April!

Story Pirates is a nationally respected education and media organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of young people. They support regional schools in NY, NJ, CT, and the greater Los Angeles basin. By popular demand, Story Pirates has travelled to Florida, Washington D.C., and Chicago to perform shows that feature theatrical skits based on kids’ stories. They also are featured on a daily kids’ radio show in Canada that is broadcast by satellite radio. Learn more at

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