Looking Back at Our New Year, New Brew! / New Beer, New You! Happy Hour

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There’s no better time than at the start of the year to try something new, so for the first YPG happy hour of 2015, we encouraged YPGers to do just that. Our New Year, New Brew! / New Beer, New You! event at The Peculier Pub on Tuesday, January 13th was all about exploring beer options outside the standard Bud, Miller, and Coors, and with over 300 different beers on the menu, there was plenty to try. There were chocolate stouts, seasonal pumpkin ales, exotic “beertails” (including one named Razzmatazz), and a banana nut beer that tasted just like a muffin. (We stopped trying new things after that one. Nothing can top a muffin-flavored beer.)

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With about 50 attendees from several different publishing houses, our New Year’s happy hour also saw a lot of new faces, as well as 10+ members of a certain publisher’s editorial team (you know who you are, awesome people) who were the first to arrive and the last to leave. And we weren’t the only ones there who liked beer: our numbers were further increased by members of a science art meetup who were all very confused as to why their event was so much larger than usual. It was definitely an all-around great night, with good conversations, awesome people, and an incredible selection of beer.

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Join us for our next social event, the annual Beer & Board Games, on Wednesday, February 25th!

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