Story Love #14: A Bounty of Food and Fun

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StoryPirates images“Bob the boat does not go in the water. He likes to dig underground, but Bob does not have arms. How does he dig? …nobody knows.”

“The mountain screamed as loud as he could ‘WHY ARE HUMANS ALIVE??!!!’”

“Hi my name is Porkchop and I’m selling sweet tasty hay for a low price.”

“Aiden the shark (somehow breathes air) was working at the desk.”

“The score was 1 to 1 and the game was going into overtime, but a fan screamed “Do a selfie contest!”, so they did.”

Eight YPG volunteers, two Story Pirates leaders, a five-gallon water dispenser, two bottles of soda, one large salad, two pizzas (one with pepperoni), and a large pumpkin pie cheesecake with gingersnap cookie crust joined forces at the YPG Story Love #15 event to shower story love upon 75 creative short stories written by kids in regional schools. During story reviews, the volunteers uncovered the imaginative one-liners above (and more). Story Love #14 was held at The Drama Bookstore (250 West 40th Street) on Thursday, December 11.

A volunteer who found the winning one-liner received free tickets to the Story Pirates’ monthly adult After Dark show, where free wine and good fun always flows. Story Pirates posts one-liners found by volunteer reviewers to @storypirates.

Start your year right and mark your calendars for Story Love #15 on January 27. Watch for details in upcoming YPG Newsletters.

Story Pirates is a nationally respected education and media organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of young people. They support regional schools in NY/NJ,/CT and the greater Los Angeles basin. By popular demand, Story Pirates has travelled to Florida, Washington D.C., and Chicago to give shows that feature theatrical skits based on kids’ stories. They also are featured on a daily kids’ radio show in Canada that is broadcast by satellite radio.

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