YPG Cares Volunteers Make 13 A Lucky Number with Story Love

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“Dad turned on the TV and watched the Macy’s Thanksboogie Parade. ‘Let’s boogie!’ Click, clack, click, clack went Dad’s shoes.”

“His third thought was ‘That ogre needs a spelling lesson!!’”

“Time to be good I said sarcastically as I flew in my magical tea hut in the sky.”

“The girls were named Kathy and Kathlyn. They were outcasts yet one day Marco Polo went all the way to Italy.”


On September 232014, eleven YPG volunteers from 10 different AAP member houses showed their story love by powering through 80 story reviews for the Story Pirates and found these creative one-liners (and more) written by kids. The Story Love #13 event held at The Drama Bookstore (250 West 40th Street) featured fun and food (pizza, salad, soda, and a chocolate mousse with caramel swirl torte sponsored by a Story Pirates benefactor).

The volunteer who found the winning one-liner (Thanksboogie Parade) received free tickets to the Story Pirates’ monthly adult After Dark show, where free wine and good fun always flows. Story Pirates post the one-liners found by volunteer reviewers to @storypirates

Mark your calendars for Story Love #14 on November 11 (and join us right after you vote). Watch for details in upcoming YPG Newsletters.


Story Pirates is a nationally respected education and media organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of young people.
This article was contributed by YPG Cares volunteer Julia Montgomery.

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