YPG’s March BBL: How a Book Becomes a Book

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On Wednesday, March 26, 2014, two dozen YPG members gathered at Penguin at 12:30 for the BBL “A Look Behind the Curtain: How a Book Becomes a Book.” This highly visual, hands-on BBL focused on the ins and outs of the Art, Design and Production processes and was moderated by YPG committee members Brigid Black (Associate Production Manager at Sterling Publishing) and Julie Munn (Pre-Media Associate at Penguin Random House). The featured panelists were Steve Bedney (NY Regional Sales Manager, Ecological Fibers, Inc.), Joseph P. Illidge (Manufacturing Manager, Sterling Publishing), Daniel Lagin (Senior Designer, Viking Penguin Dutton Plume) and Eric Fuentecilla (Associate Art Director, Putnam Books).

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Each panelist brought a plethora of tangible items to the group, be it proofs, sample covers and jackets, or actual finished books, to demonstrate some of the types of projects they have worked on; it was a fitting complement to their own tales of life on the production and design fronts. Bedney spoke to his experiences working for Ecological Fibers, printer of Rainbow paper. Illidge described the world of reprints, highlighting an instance where he was able to keep a beloved children’s title profitable and in print with just a few spec adjustments. Lagin and Eric brought their years of design knowledge to the table and proudly showcased their work. An audience Q&A followed the panel, and materials were eagerly passed around the room until the end of the event. Thanks to all who attended!

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