YPG Cares Volunteers for Twelfth Story Pirates Event!

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“I know where you can become King of the World, but you have to get passed an alien and a real living medium size plant.”

“Then John and Bob jumped into something green. It was a gladiator.”

“I was sitting in my washing machine at home wondering why my name is Mustard when I am really a pencil sharpener.”

These creative one-liners were extracted from short stories written by kids and reviewed by YPG Cares volunteers during the April 15th Story Love #12 event held in The Drama Bookstore (250 West 40th Street). Nine dedicated YPG volunteers from seven AAP member houses powered through over 100 story reviews for the Story Pirates.  A vote was taken and the volunteer who identified the winning one-liner received free tickets to the Story Pirates’ monthly adult After Dark show, where free wine and good fun flows. YPG Cares volunteers and Story Pirates’ performance artists delighted in the evening’s dessert feature:  a Rum Cake two Ways (rum and chocolate cake) with a Walnut/Coconut Crunch topping Covered in Rum Glaze.  Some folks were known to eat two pieces!

Story Pirates post the one-liners found by volunteer story reviewers to @storypiratesStory Pirates  is a nationally respected education and media organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of young people. See below for information on an upcoming member discount and volunteer opportunity!

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YPG Member Discount & Volunteer Opportunity for Story Pirates & Friends Benefit

As a token of thanks for outstanding YPG participation in our acclaimed YPG Story Love events, Story Pirates is offering YPG members a discount to their annual NYC Story Pirates & Friends Benefit at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space (2537 Broadway @ 95th) on Thursday, June 5, at 7:00 pm. Bring your family and friends to this hilarious and entertaining event. For tickets, go to storypirates.org and use code YPG.

If you want a FREE ticket, Story Pirates will trade you for volunteer time. They are looking for a limited number of volunteers for the event and for event preparation from Monday, June 2 through Wednesday, June 6. Hours are flexible but be prepared to show your support. Volunteer activities include preparing auction items, and assembling membership packs and goody bags. If interested in volunteering, please contact Nicole Brodeur at nicole@storypirates.org to sign up for one of the limited volunteer opportunities.

Julia Montgomery is a technical business analyst at Macmillan Science and Education. She works on information models, tools, supporting materials, and workflows focused on aligning print and digital production processes for the education market. Julia also functions as the project manager for several technology and business process projects. She is coordinating the highly acclaimed YPG Cares Story Love events and volunteers in many YPG Cares supporting and rewarding opportunities.



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