Writing (Un)Block: Unreliable Narrators

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Do you wish you could get a bit of writing practice without signing up for a class? A chance to get out of your own head and maybe away from your current project and just write for fun with no expectations or stress or commitments? If so, you should join us for YPG Writers (Un)Block! This time we’ll be tackling the complicated and annoying bit of fiction writing that is the Unreliable Narrator. You know the ones: They lie and cheat and maybe even turn out to be crazy or dead. We’ll be writing as (or about) one of those guys.

So save the date: Thursday, May 1st from 6:30-8:00pm (location: TK). As always, our YPG Writers Coordinator, Ashley Woodfolk, will bring the writing prompt and the wine. You just bring your lovely selves. RSVP HERE!

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