YPG Writers (Un)Block: Fight Scenes

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Do you wish you could get a bit of writing practice without signing up for a class? A chance to get out of your own head and maybe away from your current project and just write for fun with no expectations or stress or commitments? If so, you should join us for the first ever YPG Writers (Un)Block on Wednesday, March 26th from 6:30-7:30pm at the Jefferson Market Library (425 Avenue of the Americas in Greenwich Village)! In this informal workshop we’ll start with a fun writing prompt and thenproceed to talk through the scenes we’ve written. Those who want to read aloud can, and if people have questions or comments or things that gave them trouble, we can talk about that too. There will be wine and cookies and hopefully it’ll get your creative juices flowing. This month’s theme: Fight Scenes.

Maybe you’ll write something awesome. More than likely, you’ll write something terrible. Think of it as a writing yoga class—you’re only there to stretch. RSVP HERE.

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