Holiday Cheer from Book Country

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It’s a time-honored holiday tradition: YPG members travel home to enjoy some well-deserved R&R. All you want to do is sleep, binge-watch old episodes of Frasier with your dad, and drive by your high school crush’s parents’ house to see if they’re home, too. But then somehow you find yourself begrudgingly editing your aunt’s Erotic Romance novel and helping her draft a query letter, because you are the only person she knows who works in publishing. Why does this always happen?

Book Country is here to help. This holiday season, send the would-be writers in your life to Book Country, the most supportive writing and publishing community on the web. Book Country members are workshopping manuscripts, publishing eBooks, and getting a ton of writing & publishing tips. It’s the perfect place for writers to work on their craft! And all of you 20-something would-be writers out there, come join Book Country, too. Happy Holidays!

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