September Story Love Event Recap

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“When Millie got to Lake Frog, she thought it was awesome…but then she saw the frogs.”

This winning one-liner was discovered by a YPG Cares volunteer at the Story Love #9 event held on September 24th at The Drama Bookstore (250 West 40th Street). A near record-breaking 21 fantastic YPG Cares volunteers spent the evening delighting in an inspiring organic pumpkin cheesecake with a pecan ginger snap crust (yum), pizza, and over 100 creative stories written by kids and submitted to Story Pirates by the XM Sirius Radio “Absolutely Mindy” show.

As our YPG Cares volunteers wrote gentle and encouraging story reviews, they extracted the best one-liners from the young authors’ works. (Story Pirates post the one-liners found by volunteer story reviewers to @storypirates.) A vote was taken and the winning one-liners are:

“When Millie got to Lake Frog, she thought it was awesome…but then she saw the frogs.”

“As of today, every Thursday is Princess Funday, so grab a partner and dance as we eat donuts.”

“There was a robber stealing water. They didn’t know that the robber was a gardener. Stay tuned for fun.”

“The first tree said, “Ho, ho, ho.” (Italian voice)”

Story Pirates bestowed valuable pirate booty upon the winners, including ever-fashionable eye patches and rub-on pirate tattoos. All YPG Cares volunteers received an official pirate crew sticker, good tidings, and a big thank you from Story Pirates.

Story Pirates is a nationally respected education and media organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of young people.

Join us for the next exhilarating Story Love event as we continue the quest to help Story Pirates with their 40,000+ story submissions per year.

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