YPG’s Executive Track Presents October’s BBL: The Book That Changed My Career

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Before today’s publishing legends made it to the corner office, they were toiling away in cubicles as junior professionals. But how did they go all the way from the minor leagues to the big time? To get the full story, we’ve convened a panel of our industry’s most respected editors and publishers to talk about the book or author that made their career. You’ll hear about the moment that submission hit their inbox, how they convinced their bosses to invest in a long-shot, launching an unknown to their sales force, and the runaway hit or slow-burn success of that special book or author. Panelists will also address how they managed the sophomore syndrome after their first big hit, how they leveraged their new success to create more, and the lessons they learned along the way. Join fellow YPG members for our October YPG Brown Bag Lunch: “The Book That Changed My Career,” to take place at HarperCollins Publishers (9th floor conference room). Date and panelists are still being confirmed. Register your interest HERE and we’ll send you more information on the first event in our new YPG Executive Track series shortly!

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