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So you want to be a publishing executive. What are you going to do about it?

Here at YPG, we know that our membership includes the future leaders and tastemakers of our business. We know that you are all driven, focused, and passionate about your careers. And we know that you want to learn more about getting where you want to go. For this reason, we are launching The Executive Track, a new programming initiative geared toward midlevel employees looking ahead and wondering what comes next. In your day-to-day jobs, it’s easy to forget about the big picture and how to position yourself to be the next company CEO—so we want to help. Let us provide advice from experts, a forum to talk about your concerns, an opportunity to hear from your role models, and recommendations for expanding your positions, all in the service of your advancement.

Look forward to these upcoming sessions!

Mid-level career advice from HR reps: You’ve been at your job for several years now—what can you do to get to that next stage? Ask questions and get answers from people who know what you need to succeed.
Publishing “town hall”: Gather with your mid-level industry colleagues to talk about your career concerns and hear from other people about their experiences in a protected forum. Get some fresh ideas about how you can push yourself to innovate and do better.
Résumé review + Q&A: It’s always important to keep that résumé updated and handy, but how do you craft a CV that befits your years of experience? Here’s a handful of keywords, key phrases, and key bullets to make your work history sparkle.
Interactive presentations from executives and hot shots: Ever wonder how that 30-year-old publisher got where she is today—and so quickly? Learn from the best of the best by hearing what they did to flourish, and what you can do to fast-track your career.
Create your own blueprint for success: You know you should really take on more responsibilities and projects, but how and what? Our advisors will help you make the ultimate to-do list for embracing the future and reaching your goals.

If you are interested in signing up to learn more about our professional programming—or if you have ideas on sessions that you’d like us to offer—please sign up HERE . Contact YPG Chair Sara Sargent at with any questions.

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