YPG Book to Film Club: The Polar Express

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T’was the Wednesday before Christmas, for all YPG,

And we gathered at Penguin with a movie to see,

The popcorn was opened, and flavored with dill,

A fairly odd flavor, but still quite a thrill,


The Polar Express was the movie of choice,

Starring Tom Hanks, who played every voice,

The CGI captured Chris Van Allsburg’s art,

But from there the story did choose to depart,


It added new characters, plot, dance, and song,

And made a short movie feel just way too long,

A chase for a ticket lasts one half an hour,

Without 3D glasses the action lost power,


The theme of the book was handled with care,

Just hidden amongst what hadn’t been there,

It stereotyped nerds, and ignored the poor,

Presented good questions but failed to do more,


Thus ended the season, the YPG year,

With many a laugh, and I admit, tear,

We’ll see you again, in twenty thirteen,

With movies transformed, from page to the screen.

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