YPG Cares Stands Up for Literacy with LitWorld

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Two thirds of all the world’s illiterate people are women. LitWorld (www.litworld.org) believes that every girl has the right to a quality education that will ensure she has a lifelong way to protect herself, advocate for herself, learn what she wants to know and be who she wants to be, and that every girl has the right to read and write words that will change her, and to write and tell stories to change the world.

YPG Cares supported LitWorld this year by standing up at noon on October 18 for every girl’s right to a quality education. Across the publishing industry, YPG members at a variety of houses took ten seconds to physically stand up wherever they were and take a picture of themselves wearing the Stand Up for Girls badge (downloaded from LitWorld’s Facebook page) to give recognition and awareness to the movement and then shared the images on Facebook and Twitter.

By standing up for all girls everywhere, we invest in our future. Thanks, LitWorld, for all that you do to support literacy and reading.

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