Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend The NBA House Party

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With less than three weeks until the National Book Awards on November 14, we are in serious countdown mode for YPG’s annual NBA House Party!

But in case you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, we’re here with ten compelling reasons why you should put down whatever you’re doing and snag an all-access pass to publishing’s biggest night out.

Don’t need 10 reasons? Buy at the door tonight!

10) Because you can show off your Gangnam Style dance moves in an attempt to impress HR reps. (*Not recommended; you definitely aren’t coordinated enough for this.)

9) Because you haven’t been to a house party and made a fool of yourself since college. Well, at least the first part is true…

8) Because that other NBA (you know, the “National Basketball Association”) is busy that night.

7) Because you are a big nerd with an even bigger heart and you want to support an incredible charity and celebrate one of the most exciting evenings in publishing. (I would have also accepted “binge drinking.”)

6) Because, for once, no one’s asking you to party in Brooklyn.

5) Because you can get awesome swag like YPG’s hot new tote bag and copies of the nominated titles! Baby got book? You bet!

4) Because I’m asking nicely.

3) Because you still aren’t tired of esoteric conversations about the future of e-books. And we’re offering you literally HUNDREDS of professionals you can bore with your stupid theories!

2) Because sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

1) Because open bar, you guys. O-P-E-N. B-A-R.

So come join us on November 14 at 1745 Broadway from 8-11pm: be there, be square, or be so important you’re at Cipriani for the real thing.


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