YPG Sets Sail with 3rd Annual BEA on a Boat

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During BEA this year, YPG set sail on the Frying Pan! Not really, of course. This NYC historic lightship called the Frying Pan has been docked on a cool railroad car barge near Chelsea Piers for years as a bar/restaurant niche. And besides, you probably wouldn’t want to actually set sail on this boat, as the former sailing lighthouse reportedly sunk and was underwater for three years, before being restored in 1989 to a gritty bar and hip nightclub saloon floating atop the Hudson.

Additionally, the Frying Pan was recently featured as one of the hottest spots for cocktails in Vanity Fair‘s 2012 Summer Guide: NYC Edition, so of course, YPG had to be there on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, from 6-9pm to celebrate this year’s BookExpo America conference! For novices to the industry, BEA is the largest book trade fair in the U.S., during which most major U.S. publishers, collegiate publishers, and international publishers set up exhibits to promote their up-and-coming works and authors to other houses and anyone who is willing to shed anywhere from $45 to a couple hundred bucks for a badge. Despite the fluctuating sun showers that afternoon, YPG members came straight from BEA to the Frying Pan, while others came straight from work to the boat bar, resulting in an impressive turnout of over a hundred young professionals from a myriad number of AAP member houses and literary agencies.

Joel Vargas, project analyst at Random House and avid YPG affiliate, was pleased. “The BEA on a Boat event was a great time. It was nice seeing fellow YPGers from neighboring publishing houses talk about some of the big displays going on at the BEA and hear about what great new works they have coming down the pipeline. Also, the Frying Pan was a perfect location to host the event. It was extremely picturesque and the cocktails were great!”

Samantha Mandel, assistant editor at John Wiley and Sons, has been a regular at YPG events like this one. “I went to this event last year, meeting so many people I didn’t know, and leaving with a ton of business cards. When I returned this year, it felt like I knew everyone! It was a real testament to the number of friends I’ve made through YPG,” Mandel reminisces.

All in all, honoring BEA at the Frying Pan was a grand ol’ time—with good company and a pitcher of the “crew’s” specialty: white wine sangria. I recommend this nautical spot, not just because I gossipy-girl spotted Katie Holmes on my way to the moody joint, but because of the very lax character of it all—beautiful sunset views of the Hudson, the outer coast of New York, and its neighboring Jersey; occasional cruise passings; helicopter landings; and brave kayakers (not to mention the bathrooms are surprisingly comfortable, clean, and stylish). Go ahead and mark your calendars now for YPG’s fourth BEA on a Boat in 2013!

Christine P. Chan is currently a development editorial assistant for John Wiley and Sons, Inc. You can follow her on her budding YouTube channel “Liam Christine” by clicking here.

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