YPG Cares Gets Its “Hands On New York”

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On Saturday, April 16, 2011, a group of YPG Cares volunteers braved the unseasonably cold weather to support New York Cares for a second time as participants in Hands On New York Day. A team of YPG troopers from seven AAP member houses, scouting firms, and literary agencies met at the New York Cares headquarters in Manhattan at 8:30am and were assigned to Orchard Beach/Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx.

Although it was quite a full day of travel and the weather was largely uncooperative, YPG Cares was excited to have the opportunity to further solidify its active relationship with the City’s largest volunteer organization while brightening the city and networking with other young people in publishing. The volunteers spent a full day doing revitalization projects from shoreline and nature trail clean-up to painting and spackling of community buildings. Check out some photos below:

YPG Cares volunteers in action

Two YPG volunteers get serious about scraping paint

Cold but happy to help!

Hands on New York Day is an annual fundraising event hosted by New York Cares that doubles as a fun way to make your mark on the city’s parks and gardens. Volunteers create a team of family members, friends, coworkers, etc, that are then sent to a designated public park/garden to complete New York Cares sponsored projects. These are all one-day, low-skilled revitalization projects such as: painting fences, benches, playground equipment; planting flower bulbs; removing debris, etc.

YPG Cares looks forward to partnering with New York Cares again in October for New York Cares Day. Stay tuned!

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