Mediabistro’s Galleycat profiles YPG event

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YPG hosted a brownbag lunch entitled “What the Critics Are Saying: A Discussion of Book Reviews” with an all-star book reviewer panel, including Galleycat editor Jason Boog. Boog’s writeup on Mediabistro after the event covered the main points of the panel discussion, while highlighting tips that every publicist should know about how to approach reviewers.

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GalleyCat Confidential: How To Pitch Us Your Book

By Jason Boog on October 18, 2010 3:47 PM

This afternoon, GalleyCat joined Bloomberg News book review editor Laurie Muchnick, Library Journal book review editor Heather McCormack, and Publishers Weekly children’s book editor Diane Roback on the Book Reviewer Panel for the Young to Publishing Group. We wanted to follow up with some helpful links for all authors, publicists, and publishing folk contacting GalleyCat.

Kate Childs (the executive assistant to the president & publisher of Random House Publishing Group) tweeted the entire event and took the picture embedded above and the panel was moderated by Newmarket Press sales & marketing coordinator Haley Pierson-Cox.

Most importantly, we urged everybody to use GalleyCat’s “New Books” page on Facebook. We use this page to create our Coming Attractions features and organize our book review coverage.  Want to include your book? Just follow the easy directions on our Facebook Your New or Upcoming Book post.

We also stressed GalleyCat’s constant push for inclusiveness, from to sponsoring the Book Pitch Party next month to our new book  giveaway contests to our massive Book Reviewers on Twitter list–we hope to keep the GalleyCat community growing.

Next, we suggested that publicists, authors, and publishing folk consider pitching GalleyCat features instead of traditional book reviews. For example, we recently ran features about Marilyn Monroe‘s literary bookshelf or Rick Moody‘s B-Movie inspiration–these weren’t traditional book reviews, but they explored new titles.

We also stressed that we love to see digital review copies at GalleyCat, so feel free to send them. We also have a NetGalley account. Childs tweeted one very good reason why: “New father Jason Boog begging audience for e-galleys so he can multitask baby and blog.”

We never automatically reject pitches.  Generally, we do appreciate if a publicist has read the blog recently. As Childs wrote: [GalleyCat] rejects pitches that begin “Dear Blogger,” “Dear @RonHogan” or “Dear @SarahW.” These great writers worked at GalleyCat for a long time, but now they write for other great publications.

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