Continuing Education Round-Up

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Below is a summary of the popular Pace and NYU Publishing Masters and certificate programs. A number of publishing houses offer partial tuition reimbursement for employees who wish to continue their education. Potential students who are interested should contact their HR person for more information. Federal student loans are also available through FAFSA, a government loan program.

New York University

Andrea Chambers, director of NYU’s Center for Publishing, spoke with me about the program’s mission: “We give students a very thorough education in all areas of publishing, including editorial, marketing, sales, finance and law. In addition, we put a great deal of emphasis on all the digital applications and strategies that are so important in this era of multiplatform publishing and media convergence. Being informed about the business as a whole and having the networking opportunities the program offers are great helps to students as they develop their careers.”

Masters in Publishing (42 credits/about 14 courses)
Certificate in Publishing with a concentration either in Books or Magazines (5 courses for each certificate)
Certificate in Editing

Professors: All are in publishing, including top executives from companies such as Macmillan and Random House.
Students: Most are working in publishing
Where: 11 West 42nd, between 5th and 6th
When: In the evening, after work
How much: Approximately $50,000 for the masters and $2,500 for the certificate. Scholarships and loans are available for the graduate degree.
How long: About two years, full-time, or three to four years, part time, for the masters. A semester or two for the certificate.
Other: The certificate features a how-to focus and flexible scheduling, such as weekend intensives that cover an entire course over two Saturdays. Popular courses include Publishing the Graphic Novel and Everything You Need to Know About Digital Publishing in the Book Industry: An Introduction for the Non-Techie.
Fore more info, click hereDiploma or call 212-992-3232

Pace University

“When we were starting the program twenty-five years ago,” explains Sherman Raskin, director of Pace’s publishing program, “people would get into the business in a certain area and, not really knowing how things worked elsewhere, they could get kind of locked in. We wanted to develop a program that teaches all aspects of the business, to give professionals the ability to move, both laterally and vertically. Our mission is to give students opportunity; the more opportunity you have the better you can succeed in the business.”

 Masters in Publishing (36 credits/about 12 courses)
Certificate in Book Publishing (4 courses for each certificate)
Certificate in Digital Publishing
Certificate in Magazine Publishing
Certificate in the Business Aspects of Publishing

Professors: All are in publishing, including senior editors at companies such as Condé Nast and Routledge
Students: Half working in publishing and half recent college graduates
Where: 551 Fifth Ave, between 45th and 46th
When: In the evening, after work. Most are 6-8:45PM.
How much: The masters program is about $32,000 and the certificate program is around $10,500. A number of scholarships are available.
How long: One to two years full time for the masters program and a semester or two for the certificate.
Other: Pace also has a number of international publishing affiliations, including publishers and organizations in China.
For more info, click here or call (212) 346-1431

This was written by Rob Crawford.

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