YPG Contributing Writers

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Young to Publishing Group’s contributing writers include:

celine Celine Aenlle-Rocha is a Marketing Assistant at Oxford University Press. Amongst other things, she is a fan of knitting, Jane Austen, salsa dancing and traveling. You can follow her on Twitter at @celineaenlle.
Lee Axelrod Lee Axelrod has been working in publishing since college and is currently a Sales Support Supervisor at John Wiley and Sons. Originally from Washington, DC, she lived in California for eight years and recently returned to the East Coast, this time settling in Manhattan. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from Stanford University. Aside from books, she loves yoga, photography, running, and cooking.
YPG_contributorphoto_Hannah Black Hannah Black is a book drunkard with a lit degree to prove it. She works at indie publisher Diversion Books as a Marketing Coordinator. She previously worked and interned at Dorchester Publishing and Oxford University Press. She grew up in Southern California and now lives in Brooklyn.
Emma picture (2) Emma Brewer works at Penguin, where she coordinates the production of Penguin, Plume, Perigee, and Riverhead reprints. After studying English and Journalism in London, she taught English in Beijing for two years, then moved to NYC to follow her publishing dreams. When she’s not reading, she can occasionally be found swing dancing, exploring Brooklyn, or secretly writing everything down.
img_2430 Born and raised in Queens, Shannon Cornelius is currently making a living as a Marketing Assistant at McGraw-Hill Education. She grew up exploring the many libraries of NYC, so it makes sense that she was an English major in college. Shannon likes ultimate frisbee, sunshine, Sephora and lugging her DSLR everywhere. She’s constantly in pursuit of a good book and a hot cup of tea. Feel free to drop her a line on Twitter or on tumblr!
Mandy Earles photo Mandy Earles is an editorial assistant for indie publisher Georgia McBride Media Group. She traded her small hometown, Olathe, KS for the big city and would happily do it all over again. She has a BA in English and creative writing, and a BS in journalism. When her nose isn’t stuck in a book, she’s writing her own stories, editing others, or indulging in her geeky anime habits. You can follow her tweets @meryvamp.
Kjersti Egerdahl, an editor at becker&mayer! Book Producers in Seattle, has worked on licensed nonfiction books with Lucasfilm, Fox, Mattel, Hasbro, CBS/Star Trek, Grateful Dead Productions, the estate of Jimi Hendrix, and the family of Babe Ruth. Her publishing clients include HarperCollins, STC, Chronicle, Running Press, Del Rey, Abrams, Gallery Books, and Amazon Publishing. She has worked with best-selling authors including former Rolling Stone editor Ben Fong-Torres and celebrated Star Wars authors Stephen J. Sansweet and J. W. Rinzler. She is the author of Green Day: A Musical Biography, published by ABC-CLIO/Greenwood Press in 2009. You can find her on LinkedIn.
Lukas Fauset is an Associate Web Producer at Hachette Book Group, which makes it all the more baffling that he still doesn’t have his own website. Instead he can be found on Twitter @LukasFauset, which is pretty clearly probably him.
Caitlin Griscom currently works at Pearson Education as an Enhanced Faculty and Field Services Representative. Her passion for publishing began in college when she served as Editor-at-Large of the international literary journal Mid-American Review, and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else. You can find her at www.linkedin.com/in/caitlingriscom/ or email her at caitlin.griscom@gmail.com.
Tara Hart has worked with the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Inc. since starting as an intern in May 2008. She joined the agency full time as the Contracts and Royalties Manager in September of that year. Her primary responsibilities involve the negotiation of contract and processing of payments, as well as managing the internship program. In addition she has been working to evaluate the various options in the reprint arena and to successfully relaunch various titles into the marketplace. To this end she has shepherded over eighty titles through the republication process and is looking forward to seeing many of these titles live again.
11ab66d Michael Hicks is an Ebook Production Assistant in W. W. Norton & Company’s trade division. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in English Lit, he kept right on reading every single pulpy sci-fi and fantasy book he could get his hands on. You can laugh at his terrible social media presence/tweet him at @Michael_L_Hicks or reach him by email here.
mjones-photo Madeline Jones is an editorial assistant and assistant to the publisher at Henry Holt. She’s also a blog editor and contributor at Asymptote and a freelance editor/ghost writer for anything on the internet that pays. Other passions include Spanish-English translation, music, and mac and cheese.
Dasle Kim is currently a Talent Specialist and helps manage the Pearson Education Internship Program (PEIP) and the Pearson Leadership Development Program (PLDP). Previously, she was a marketing intern and marketing assistant for the Humanities & Social Sciences Division at Pearson. When not at work, Dasle enjoys reading, writing, and exploring old & new places in NYC, Long Island, and in her home town, Tuxedo, NY. You can find her on LinkedIn or email her at dasle.kim@pearson.com.
Sophia contributor photo Sophia Latorre-Zengierski is an Associate Marketing Manager at Bedford/St. Martin’s, an imprint of Macmillan Higher Education. A graduate of the University of St Andrews in Scotland, she holds an MA in English Literature and is an active member of the New York alumni club. When not editing, Sophia can be found writing, dancing, traveling or working on club marketing. You can reach her at sophia.latorre-zengierski@macmillan.com.
saralord Sara Lord (@LadyoftheLords) is an Administrative Assistant at Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. At Macmillan she works with 9 different children’s imprints ranging from Priddy Books, an ages 0 to Kindergarten imprint, to Swoon Reads, a digital teen fiction romance imprint. Before starting at Macmillan, she worked in the tech industry as a Sales representative for Global HR Applications. In 2013, she graduated San Francisco State University with a BA in English: Creative Writing. Outside of work, she writes young adult fiction with the help of several writers’ groups. She’s currently living in Brooklyn, working on her third novel, and navigating the editor/writer lifestyle of NYC.
Jess MacLeish is an Associate Editor of children’s books at HarperCollins, an all-around word person, and a big believer in karma. Call her, beep her, tweet her: @jessmacleish.
Ellen Maddy is a Digital Books Assistant Producer at Rodale, Inc., publisher of health and wellness books and the magazines Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Prevention. A general digital book enthusiast, she has no particular attachment to turning pages or the smell of dead trees, reads ebooks and magazines on her Kindle Fire, bought her mom a Nook for Christmas, and has been known to steal her boyfriend’s iPad mini to e-read. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. Twitter: @EllenMaddy, LinkedIn
Kristin Maffei is an associate editor for textbooks at Oxford University Press and a poet. You can read more of her work at www.kristinmaffei.com
Jessica McIntyre is the Senior Communications Associate at Penguin Random House. She is a former runner who now gets her kicks camping and hiking and eating delicious things. And Knausgaard. She lives in Brooklyn.
Julia Montgomery is a technical business analyst at Macmillan Science and Education. She works on information models, tools, supporting materials, and workflows focused on aligning print and digital production processes for the education market. Julia also functions as the project manager for several technology and business process projects. She is coordinating the highly acclaimed YPG Cares Story Love events and volunteers in many YPG Cares supporting and rewarding opportunities.
Marisa Novello contributor pic Marisa Novello is an editorial coordinator at Puffin, an imprint of Penguin Random House. She was previously an assistant in paperback sales, and holds an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction Writing.
ZoeyPeresmanbio Zoey Peresman is an Editorial Assistant at Roaring Brook Press, an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. In her free time, she’s usually devouring every possible type of book, watching cult 1970s horror movies, unsuccessfully trying to replicate Cersei Lannister’s hairstyles, or venting about patriarchy. Follow her on Twitter @zoperesman.
Aubrey Poole got her start as an editor correcting her friends’ grammar in high school, an effort which naturally guaranteed instant popularity. After a brief internship in the marketing department at Penguin UK, she started her first real job as a news assistant at The Real Estate Journal in Los Angeles. But when she was offered a position as a reporter, Aubrey thought it would be less scary to move cross-country to New York City and try to break into the book publishing industry. Aubrey is now an associate editor at Sourcebooks, acquiring children’s books from picture books through young adult. Her first YA novel, Send by Patty Blount, was a Junior Library Guild pick, and she hopes to continue shamelessly courting librarians with her forthcoming middle grade novel Ninja Librarians.
Emily Powers contributor photo Emily Powers works in academic publishing as an Acquisitions Assistant; she loves trivia, books with French flaps, and talking about Survivor. You can email her at emilykpowers@gmail.com.
Camille contributor photo Camille Redrick is an aspiring editor living in NYC, an obvious cliché which she owns proudly. Equal parts bibliophile and linguaphile, Camille hopes to become an editor for fantasy and sci-fi novels, and perhaps one day finish at least one of the many stories she has started. Find her on Linkedin and follow her on WordPress.
Maria Ribas is an associate editor at Adams Media. She loves the promise of learning something new in every nonfiction book—whether it’s a new perspective on what to eat, how to succeed, or how to live your best life. When she’s not catching up on news or chugging through her to-read list, she likes to cook, do yoga and enjoy the outdoors.
Headshot Luke Robbins (@LukeBRobbins) works in academic publishing as an editorial assistant at Pearson Higher Education. He is quite fond of taking his work home with him, exploring the topics in psychology that his company puts into print. Outside of work, he can be found exercising to the soundtrack of an audiobook, or heading to the movies for an awesome over-the-top blockbuster.
Q. Robinson, book slut, world conqueror, and editorial assistant at an indie publisher, holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University and a BA in Modern Literary Studies from UC Santa Cruz (go slugs!). You can find her musings on books, creative writing, and other word-related tidbits at www.quressa.com, random tweets @qnrisawesome, and if you want to be all networky on Linkedin.
lauren profile photo Lauren Rogers is a native of Nashville and currently an Editorial Coordinator at McGraw-Hill Education. After studying English Literature and Writing at Belmont University, Lauren began her freelance writing career before moving to New York last year. She regularly writes for Bustle and HelloGiggles. Her articles can be found here and here. Lauren loves working in publishing because the people are nice and the books are free.
Lauren Rohrig is currently an editorial assistant to the senior VP and publisher of Hachette Nashville as well as the nonfiction editor of Center Street, an imprint of Hachette Book Group. She previously worked in their Nashville office for two years, assisting the senior vice president and publisher as well as the FaithWords fiction editor. You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or email her at lauren.rohrig@hbgusa.com.
Allyson Rudolph is an assistant editor at Grand Central Publishing. She lives in Greenpoint and has unhealthy relationships with Turner Classic Movies and the Internet. She tweets at @allysonrudolph.
Sara Schonfeld Photo 2 Sara Schonfeld is an editorial assistant at Penguin Young Readers. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014 with a degree in English and Hispanic Studies. Interests include Captain America and waterbears, which surprisingly have a lot in common. Her first editorial project, The Very Scary Forest, written with her sister in the mid-90s, sold out of its one copy the first day on-sale. (Her mother still has it.) Follow the struggles on Twitter (@SaraSchon), WordPress (sarastruggling.wordpress.com), or in real life in the West Village.
2013-04-21 16.14.23 Amy Singh (@aimmaimm) is an editorial assistant at Arcade Publishing, where she works primarily with fiction and literary nonfiction books. She found herself working in editorial after graduating with her degree in journalism and American Literature, and previously interning with Tor Books and the Einstein Thompson Literary Agency. In her free time she loves to cook, take dance classes, and cozy up with young adult novels and a strong cup of coffee.
brigette torrise Brigette Torrise (@brigettetorrise) is an intern at both Folio Literary Management and Sourcebooks. There are few things she likes more than Emily Dickinson and Heathers the Musical. She laughs at her own jokes, lives in Brooklyn, and is probably cold right now.
e-venere Elizabeth Venere is a marketing associate at Cambridge University Press. She lives in Brooklyn and loves travel writing and any crime drama. You can reach her at elizabeth.venere (at) gmail.com.
Emma Winsor Wood is a literary scout, vegetarian, and part-time pirate. She grew up in New York and is fascinated by all things Russia. You can read her tweets @emmawinsorwood.
Sarah Woodruff contributor Sarah Woodruff is an international publicist at HarperCollins, which means she gets to work with media contacts around the world and sometimes has a chance to travel. She has an obsession with thrillers/mysteries/crime & detective shows and 16 Handles. You can find her at @swoodruff614.
After four years spent working in the U.S. Senate, Richelle Zakrzewski has happily found a home in academic publishing as a representative for the humanities and social sciences with Pearson. Aside from a tremendous love for the written word, her greatest passion is world travel. Her favorite cities are London, Tokyo, Warsaw, and Rome. Since coming to Pearson in April 2011, Richelle has never been happier.


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